Funeral services from Allan Drew

Whether you are looking to have a funeral that leads to a burial or a cremation, Allan Drew Funerals provides a level of care and service that is second to none.

The professional team at Allan Drew Funerals offer you their experienced care in creating a celebration of life, hope, faith and love, and his funeral directors will help you personalise all aspects of the funeral service so that it is a memorable farewell to your loved one. 

You can also find more information about the benefits of prepaying a funeral and locking it in at today's prices in the Prepay section.

Allan Drew OAM

Allan Drew OAM believed the farewell to a loved one should be a memorable event.

During the service

Along with your funeral director, a team of dedicated funeral attendants will be on hand to ensure the funeral service goes according to plan

They will attend with full respect, look after all of the details and will provide you with comfort and support. They will be there for you so you can be there for your loved ones.

After funeral functions – Family gathering at a wake

At the end of a funeral, spending time with family and friends can be very healing. While the funeral service itself often provides a sense of closure, spending some time in the company of friends and family can be the perfect occasion for sharing stories, memories and feelings about your loved one. It also provides an ideal opportunity to renew friendships and relationships.

An after funeral function is the perfect setting for healing and reconnection to take place. Let one of the experienced Allan Drew funeral directors make this time as easy as possible for your family.

Allan Drew's function room in Castle Hill is elegant and stately.

Allan Drew Funerals has a wide range of catering options available. From fully catered to bring your own – an after funeral function at Allan Drew's Castle Hill funeral home, or at one of the restaurants the team at Allan Drew Funerals are happy to recommend – is the best way to close the occasion.

More information about Allan Drew's catering services can be found in the After Funeral Function Brochure.