Memorial Services

Memorial Services

Allan Drew addresses guests at the annual Christmas memorial service.

Annual and Special Memorial Services

Each year Allan Drew Funerals supports many memorial services. These services are moving ways to reflect on the life of a loved one.

Whether you would like to arrange a special family gathering to commemorate the life of a loved one, or because it is a special time of year, we can help you.

Memorial services and viewings can be held at Allan Drew Funerals

At Christmas each year, Allan Drew Funerals holds a touching, yet uplifting memorial service to honour the memories of those who are not here to share in the special family time of the Christmas period. All are welcome to join this memorial service.

A memorial service can also be arranged specifically to meet the needs of families, clubs and other organisations. If you would like to discuss holding a private memorial service, or you would like to find out more about Allan's Christmas memorial service call:

(02) 9680 1344

Online Memorials With HeavenAddress

At Allan Drew Funerals we believe that sharing stories of love and loss, sadness and joy, can help provide comfort to those left behind. To help families on that journey, we provide families with complimentary access to HeavenAddress – a free online memorial site where families can celebrate the life of their loved one.

HeavenAddress creates a sense of belonging - where current and future generations can view a memorial of their relative and leave their own personal tributes and condolences.

Families can create a truly personalised online memorial which will endure – one that can be shared and contributed to by friends and family from all over the world.

It will also let you link to community groups and charity organisations, enabling family members to show respect, remember, and acknowledge the loss of a person. It is a heartfelt way for people and communities to come together.

An online memorial from Allan Drew Funerals on HeavenAddress

Some of the things you can do on HeavenAddress include:

  • Post music, photo’s or video clips
  • Add testimonials, stories, eulogies, tributes and offer prayers and condolences
  • Send a flower or light a candle
  • Link to community groups and charity organisations
  • Add information and links on family history/genealogy.

Visit HeavenAddress on their official website.