Allan Drew's Promise

Allan Drew's Promise

Allan Drew Funerals function center for catering and after funeral servicesAllan Drew's funeral home and function center are stately and classic venues for any kind of funeral and after funeral function.

Since 1980 Allan Drew and his funeral directors have been there for the people of the Hills District and surrounding areas.

Allan Drew and all the staff at his funeral homes promise to continue this service into the future.

There are other promises made by Allan. As one of New South Wales’s most trusted group of funeral directors we commit ourselves to treating you fairly. We will be open about our fees, be professional and respectful and, of course, comply with all State and Federal requirements that have been set up for your protection.

We also commit ourselves to supporting you and your family through what can be an emotional time. We will give you the best of service and support during this time and will support you after the funeral is over.

As Australian As The Hills Themselves

Allan Drew Funerals is proud to be Australian. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of every family we serve. We do this by helping you with the decisions that make a funeral service a meaningful and heartfelt experience for you and your family. We provide dignified, respectful funeral services for all faiths and communities.

Complaints Procedure

Allan takes pride in providing the highest levels of service to the families of the Hills District but understands that, at times, you may feel there are issues that have not been resolved to your satisfaction.

To ensure the families we serve have the opportunity to make their feedback known, we have in place a complaints resolution procedure. Complaints can be made at one of Allan Drew’s funeral homes, via the Contact Us form on this website or by filling in our customer survey which is sent approximately 21 days after the funeral service.

Once your feedback is received by Allan, you will be contacted by your funeral director who will respond to you quickly and efficiently and who will also seek to a find a resolution you are happy with.