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Allan Drew OAM is one of Australia's most tireless workers on behalf of others.

See not only what Allan is involved with but also how his team of funeral directors are contributing to the community.

Allan was awarded his OAM on Australia Day 2009 "for service to the community through a range of charity and service organisations, and to the funeral industry." 

Among other things, Allan Drew Funerals supports the Lions Club and participates in volunteering both locally and overseas.

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Allan Drew OAM

Lions club

Allan Drew has been an active Lions Club member for 20 years, and many of his funeral directors are members of Lions Clubs as well.

Allan originally joined the Kellyville Lions Club and has served as that Club's President, Vice President and Fundraising Director.

Some of the thousands of eye-glasses Allan Drew has collected for the Lions Recycle for Sight programme In 2008, Allan was elected as the Charter President of the Sydney Executive Business Lions Club. This was a new initiative that sought to bring together leading business figures for the purpose of helping the community, networking and social enjoyment. The Sydney Executive Business Lions Club is still growing and has recently been hailed as a success by Lions International as a new concept in growing awareness and interest in Lions Clubs activities.

Allan's involvement in the Lions also played an important part in the success of the 2010 International Lions Convention, which was held in Sydney. Allan acted as the Marshall for the Parade of Nations, working closely with government and business leaders to make the Convention such a wonderful event for all who attended.

 Some of the glasses collected at Allan Drew Funerals for the Lions Recycle for Sight programme.

Some of the glasses collected at Allan Drew Funerals for the Lions Recycle for Sight programme.

Allan has also been a tireless supporter of the Lions Recycle For Sight programme. This worthy cause asks people to donate unused eye-glasses so that they can be distributed to parts of the developing world where access to eye-glasses and optometrist services is out of the reach of many people. A donated pair of eye-glasses is literally a life changing gift to the people in communities around not only Australia but also South-East Asia. So far, Allan and his funeral directors have collected more than 4,000 glasses.

More information on the Lions Club is available on their official website.

Allan looks forward to supporting the activities of his fellow Lions for many years to come.

Allan Drew meets community members in need in Cambodia.

Allan Drew meets community members in need in Cambodia.

Overseas volunteering

Allan's service to the community has taken him into areas of immense need. As a volunteer for disaster relief agencies, Kenyon International and GAIN (Global Aid Network), Allan Drew has assisted people in need who have suffered during some of the greatest disasters experienced in the world.

As a volunteer with Kenyon International (a London/Sydney/Houston-based funeral company proficient in disaster response), Allan supported colleagues in Bali who were repatriating the bodies of those killed in the 2005 Bali terrorist attack. Allan had the demanding responsibility of meeting with each family and receiving the victims’ remains as they were returned to Australia. He was also seconded to Phuket after the 2004 Tsunami Disaster to support the team working to identify the deceased.

As a volunteer with GAIN Allan has travelled to Cambodia where he worked with a group of medical workers visiting remote communities in South-East Asia to provide treatment. Allan has also been to Burma with GAIN where he assisted with the rebuilding of schools. More than 2,500 schools had been devastated in Burma by tsunami activity. Allan has also visited Laos with GAIN where he helped dispense vital medical services, equipment and medicine.

Allan continues to remain active with GAIN, and in 2011 he assisted to make and conduct the burial arrangements of those who passed away during the Christmas Island boat tragedy which took place at the end of 2010.